Unspoken: 15 Things You Can Say Without Making a Sound

Posted: February 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

I Miss You When I Blink

I choose my earrings carefully, because I tend to wear the same ones a lot, and — as you know — there’s usually a lot more to that choice than what you see on the surface.

For example, I just bought the most precious little teeny-weeny gold arrows. They go with everything, and they also serve a useful purpose: communication. You can feel confident in knowing the messages I’m sending, all depending on which direction I have the arrows in my ears. You’ll understand what I mean; I won’t have to say a word; and we can both go along our merry ways. Easy for everyone.


Have a great weekend!

[Update: Just found out WordPress is putting this on Freshly Pressed. How fun! Thank you for sharing, WordPress people. You are too kind.]

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