It’s not called Rape anymore

Posted: March 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

Dear Stevie

So through a recent experience of someone extremely close to me I can tell you that the law doesn’t call it rape anymore.
It is referred to as sexual and indecent assault/s.
This, my reader, has made me angry.
The change of this word takes away from the victim and downplays what has actually happened to them.
It does makes it easier for general consumption by the public, as though they needed a sugar-coated version of what has happened to a person in order to get on with their lives.
What about the life of the victim? Their whole life was turned upside down and we degrade them enough accusing them of wanting this and then judging every move they make and every word they say with the question forever in our minds of what happened and did they want it? What were they wearing? Did they provoke it in…

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