You’ve got mail! [Hate Mail]

Posted: March 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

Like Nomatter what, without the what

Earlier this week I received my first hate mail in response to my article “In the dark about beauty” (Which I am going to print and frame). This is what he wrote to me and my response to him.

Dear Nomatter

I was really upset after reading your article on Wits Vuvuzela  today, at first I thought I missed the inverted commas at the beginning of the sentence and the whole article couldn’t be this stupid. It really seems you have some self esteem issues as a dark skinned black woman, I am sorry If  my normal black brothers and sisters made you feel bad about your dark skin by somehow mocking you. It seems your whole life all you ever wanted is to be white not  light skinned, its people like you lady who perpetuate stereotypes, prejudices and racism against my siblings. In the picture you seem…

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