I’ll Gladly Pay You Tuesday For $20 Today

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Fish Of Gold

I have an addictive nature. The worst thing I’ve ever been addicted to is cocaine. Cocaine is not a very fun mistress. She’s demanding and expensive. Oh, but I do love her in all of her forms, especially the chunky, rocky one. I love the way she makes me feel invincible. Up we go!

But, I’m done with that now. The most hardcore substances I ingest these days are the occasional alcoholic beverage and delicious nicotine in cigarette form. I’m working on kicking the latter, but it’s really, really hard, so get off my back. I’ll quit when I’m ready.

I’m aware of my tendency to get addicted to things. As silly as this sounds to say, I wasn’t always aware that I’m an addict. Really, I thought that I could just smoke crack cocaine and walk away from it. Silly fish. But, that’s the mindset of an addict. We…

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