Off-Limit Topics

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Fish Of Gold

Merbear wrote a thought-provoking post about things that cross her personal line. It got me thinking what the things are that I just can’t tolerate. I don’t find any of these things funny.

1. Pedophilia

In all its forms. I really can’t stand hearing about it. I don’t find jokes about it funny. If I hear a joke about it, I won’t ever repeat it, except now:

How do you make a five-year old cry twice?
Wipe your dick on her teddy bear.

Clever, yes. Gross and wrong, yes. That joke isn’t funny. It’s about a five-year old being sexually assaulted. I can’t laugh at that.

2. Domestic violence

In the same vein as sexual abuse is domestic abuse. I lived with a psychopath for eight years. It left big old scars that are still healing.

What’s the opposite of domestic violence?
A good sandwich.

Domestic violence is not…

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