Seven Seconds of Childhood

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Fish Of Gold


How many hours in your short life have you sat there, young lady? When you were really young, you’d climb on the giraffe, your favorite. He always seemed so big. You could never reach his head. Now you hate the giraffe. His face means that you’ll be there for hours again across from the Fluff’N’Fold waiting for your mom.

Every Saturday, she brings you here. You can either sit inside and watch the machines whirl around, or you can go to the church across the street where she can see you–always where she can see you–and play. The merry-go-round isn’t much fun when there’s no one to push you, is it?

What is she doing in there? She tells you that you have to come here so that you can have clean clothes to play in. You don’t care about clean clothes. Why do moms always care about clean clothes?…

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