Hutts, Trolls and Hobbit Hideaways

Posted: April 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

Discovering Deutschland

Okay, I’m finally attempting a full post done 100% from my tablet….you can probably tell by the picture quality that this probably won’t be a permanent solution. I’m just going to say the photos are my version of uhhh ‘modern…photography’? Kinda looks like a painting that someone purposely smudged with their greasy pudgy fingers….oh well, you get the basic point!

The pictures are fairly random and thus not in any real order but one of these days I’ll gt pictures up from my real camera…stupid technology…

Today I sit in the basement of a family kind enough to take me in for a few days. I found them on couchsurfing .com and like my first experience, its so far been a good one! They are a young family with two cute kids and a love of LOTR and Star Wars and stupid board games…as you can imagine, I liked them…

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