One art project to rule them all!

Posted: April 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

Timid Art Show

One art project to rule them all!

Yet another fun art project of mine. We were given the assignment to choose any three different textures of any object of choosing (this could be a pet, a piece of wood, a flower, etc). Again, being a super huge Lord of the Rings fan, I, of course, decided to draw my replica of the iconic One Ring from the LOTR franchise. It was super fun to work with a smooth surface and I loved being able to mold the charcoal how I pleased. It truly is, in my humble opinion the absolute best medium when it comes to simply drawing, especially objects with such dynamic textures as metal or even fur. I also added a bit of the chain from the necklace that accompanies the One Ring, since a simple ring just wasn’t enough for me. (I was having too much fun! Mwahahaha!) The hardest part was the shadow…

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