Lady of Rivendell

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It seems that ever since I have experienced too many things that I was not ready for,  I guess it is time for me to grow up.  so Ada is helping me by giving me Lady of Rivendell lessons.  (Oh joy.)  But I want to do this. So I guess I will be keeping a diary on that as well. 


April 9th 2241 TA


     Today Ada and I had a talk.  With all the stuff that has been happening lately.  Disney Villians, deep sleeps,  falling off a bridge and nearly dying because Sauron cut off my horses head and then Melkor trying to kidnap me and thumping on Manwe in front of me, I have been scared out of my mind. It seems that even though I have discussed moving to the Greenwood with Uncle Fab and Legolas, he truly needs me here. So I guess growing up is inevitable…

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