Shifting Life (A short story)


Shifting Life

    I walked slowly into the school, knowing they would get me later. I suppose starting at who I am is important. My name is Mint Valf, and I am one the few shapeshifters in Hampton. The stage my shifting is at, is the shiftling stage, where I cannot control my shifting.


People know I am different, but they don’t know the half of it. I think my eyes and past are starting to give it away. You see, my eyes are a bright neon purple color. In my past, I caused a lot of trouble I the town, acting almost animal like.


But all that shouldn’t matter anymore. I ran away a few years ago, and now live on my own, a sixteen year old shapeshifter girl. I get picked on a lot by shapeshifters, humans and hunters. Hunters are another problem we shapeshifters have. They step in if we step out of line, like tell a human what we are, or kill a human. Hunters come in two ranks. Mentors can strip your powers and kill you. Apprentices can only kill you to solve the problem. Another way to break the rules? A hunter dating a shapershifter, or vice versa, is forbidden.



Least to say, today wasn’t much different. Owen Ash and Jessica Slaughter, the other shifters, were teasing me. As usual, I tried to keep my temper, and hid my eyes behind my blonde, black and purple hair. Eyes are the windows to the soul, as many people say. I don’t want anyone seeing my soul.


It was peaceful until lunch. Then Jessica and Owen were on me again. As I slowly headed back into the school, I noticed one of the apprentice hunters, Jace Night, watching me. Jace was one of the most skilled apprentice hunters around, and he was watching me. That was bad.


When school was out, I immediately headed to the woods. When I said ran away, I meant it. I was fine walking through the woods when it hit me. A sharp stabbing pain. No, it wasn’t Jace, it was a pain that said I was going to shift.  Jace was sitting in that tree, watching me. I froze. Jace was hunting me?!


But there wasn’t anything I could do as I began the long painful process of  shifting. Had I done something? Had I let my secret slip? Oh wait…I had told a human, by acceding.


Apparently Jace knew this too. “Mint Valf! You’ve told a human about us! And you and I both know your powers are safe so…”


Then I saw his dagger as it flew toward me. After that, all I saw, was the shadows of the place known as death. The good thing? Jessica and Owen couldn’t bother me anymore.

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