Hi! My name is Meaghan! Canada is an interesting place (yes we have different bacon types, yes our milk comes in bags and no. I do NOT live in an igloo!) but I personally wouldn’t mind moving somewhere else. Like Japan or the UK.

A bit about me. Hm. Well, I have had about fifty different hair styles/colors. I’m between the ages of 16-20. I’m gothic punk style (gunk lol), and I like alot of different music types. Techno, crunkcore, deathcore, ect.

One thing you’ll find if you meet me is I read alot, and I’m actully really quiet, despite my looks and music taste. I have a small group of friends (not much for people), and I’m pretty good at school. I personally, as a job, want to be either a website designer (yay CSS!), a model (doutful) or a drummer (wantwantwant). So yeah! Wish me luck and welcome to my e-folio!!

  1. torya123 says:

    very interesting

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